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* Jungran's 1st exhibition in America - Lucia Pulgram
* Emissions in cohabitation of life and emotion: works by Jungran Noh - Byungkwan Chung
* Emotionally Charged, Beautifully Controlled - Josine Ianco-Starrels
* The Balancing of Opposites - Lita Barrie
* The Balancing of Opposites - Shirle Gottlieb
* Recent Paintings of Colorist Jungran Noh - Misook Song
* Cultivation of Colors Jungran Noh's Recent Paintings - Kwangsu Oh
* Resonance with Nature through Sweeping Colors - Soyoung Shin
* The Paintings of Jungran Noh: Colors of Matured Beauty - Jiun Lee Whitaker