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1948 Born in Seoul, Korea
M.F.A California State University, Long Beach, U.S.A
Georgia State University, Atlanta - Drawing and Painting, U.S.A
M.F.A Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Korea
B.F.A Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Korea
Ewha girls High School, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions
2024  Sansok Lighthouse Art Museum, Wanjoo, Korea
2022  Painting, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019  Gallery seohwa, Seoul, Korea
2014  Small Works, BJN Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010  Painting, Shinsegae Art Wall Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009  Painting, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008  Painting, Im Gallery, Busan
2007  Paintings, Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
      Paintings, Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2004  Paintings, Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2003  Paintings, Galerie Bhak, Seoul, Korea
2001  Paintings, Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2000  Paintings, Galerie Bhak, Seoul, Korea
1998  Paintings, Space Untitled Gallery, New York, NY
1997  Small Paintings, Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1996  Paintings, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994  Paintings, Seo Mi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993  Paintings and Drawings, Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1992  Paintings, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California
1992  Paintings, Satellite Gallery, West Los Angeles, CA
1991  Paintings, Alpha Gallery, Denver, CO
      Paintings, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990  Paintings and Drawings, Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1988  Paintings, National Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
      Paintings, Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1985  Paintings, Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1984  Paintings, American Culture Center, Seoul, Korea
1983  Paintings, California State University Gallery, Long Beach
1982  Paintings and Drawings, LA Artcore Center Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1975  Paintings, Unitarian Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1974  Paintings, German Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea

2 Person Exhibition
2005  Leehwaik Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022     Gallery Art Fair Pyo Gallery
2021     Busan Art Fair Gallery Seohwa
2019     "Reclassification" Suwon IPark Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea
2018     "Any Other Generation", Jungnang art center gallery 1, Seoul, Korea
2014     "Drawings", Museum SAN WonJu, Korea
2013     Kiaf, Pyo Gallery, Coex, Korea
2012     Kiaf, Pyo Gallery, Leehwaik Gallery, Coex, Korea
2011     Kiaf, Pyo Gallery, Leehwaik Gallery, Coex, Korea
2010     "Walking Around JungLimLee", ParkSooGeun Museum
2008     "15 Woman Artists", Park Soo Keun Museum, Korea
         "Korean Art Today-The Wall of Expression", Seoul Art Center
         "Korean Abstract Art", Seoul Museum of Art
         "Chance, Challenge, Choice", Plillip kang Gallery
2007     "New Acqusition", Natunal Contemporary Art Museum, Korea
2006     "Pre-Inchon International Art Biennale Inchon", Korea
         "Small is Beautiful" Sungnam Art Center, Korea
         "Art Interchange" Hongik Contemporary Art Museum, Korea
         "Open Art marker" Coex Hall, Korea
2004     Moving Art Museum, NCAM Korea
         "Small Art Museum", Daejon Government Bldg
2002     The Color of Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
         Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art; Osaka Museum of Modern Art;Iwate Prefectural
         Museum of Art, Japan
1999     Women's Art Festival, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1995     Women Artist Festival, Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1995     Same Generation, Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994     Contemporary Artist in Color, Ho-Am Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1994-02  Works on Paper, Gallery Seo Hwa, Seoul, Korea
1993     7 artist From California, Gallery Art Beam, Seoul Korea
         "Fusion '93", Pauline Hirsh Gallery Los Angeles, CA, USA
         "Korean Modern Artist", Watts Tower, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1992     "Abstract Paintings on Paper From Los Angeles", Gallery X, Exceter, England
1991     "Three Worlds One Art", Biola University Gallery, CA, USA
         "Drawings", Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
         "Korean Contemporary Artist Overseas", National Modern Art Museum,
          Mexico City, Mexico
1990     "LA Art Festival", Angel's Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA, USA
         "WAM", Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA, USA
         "Pacific Currents", Muckenthaler Cultural Center, CA, USA
         "Introduction", Long Beach Art Museum Rental Gallery, CA, USA
1989     "Communities: Recent Works by LA Artists", Korea Cultural Service, CA, USA
         "Recent Paintings", Andrew Shire Gallery, CA, USA
         "Experience Re-ordered", Allport Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
1988     "East in Motion", Korea Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
         "Olympiad in Art", National Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1987     "Connections", California State University Gallery, Long Beach, CA, USA
1985     "Pan Pacific Artist", Korean Cultural Fine Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
1984     "Cultural Festival of LA Olympic", Korea Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1983     "Korean American Artists", Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1982     "Artist in Foreign Country", National Modern Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1981     "East Meets West", Joselyn Center of Art, Torrance, CA, USA
1980     "Paintings of Six Korean Artists", 1:16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1979     "Asian American Artist Show", M.M. Shinno Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1971-74  "Expression Group", Press Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea

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Competitions and Awards
2009 Distinguished Alumni Award in Art and Culture from Ewha girl's High school,
1991 Distinguished Alumni Award from College of Fine Arts of California State
        University, Long Beach, CA.USA
1981 Second Prize Award, Long Beach Art Center Open Juried Exhibition, Long
        Beach, CA.USA
1981 Honorable Mention Award, Creative Art Center of Burbank, CA.USA
1981 Brea Art Center National Open Juried Exhibition, Brea, CA.USA
1973 Comtemporary Print-Making Grand-Prix, Korea National Art Exhibition, Korea
1971 Korea Grand-Prix Exhibition, Korea
1970 Silver Prize Award, National College Student Art Festival, Korea

Public Collections
National Modern Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Sonje Art Museum, Kyungjoo, Korea
Arario Art Museum, Chunan, Korea
College of Fine Arts, Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Korea
Severance Medical Center, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Ewha Women's University Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
Lew Memorial Hall, Seoul, Korea
University of California, Irvine, CA, USA
Korean Embassy, Lisbon, Portugal
Korean Embassy, Istanbul, Turkey
Korean Consulate General, Boston, USA
Ilshin Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea
MOA(Seoul National University Museum) Seoul, Korea
Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA
HOMA(Hongik University Art Museum) Seoul, Korea
Suwon I park Museum of Art,Suwon, Korea
Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin. U.S.A

Corporate Collections
Ramada Renaissance Hotel, Seoul, Korea Boram Bank, Seoul, Korea
John Noble Advertising Co., San Francisco, CA, USA Ludwig and Jeans Law Firm, San Francisco, CA, USA
Morton and Lacy Law Firm, San Francisco, CA, USA H & H Management Co., LA, CA, USA
Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea Sam Yang Co., Seoul, Korea
Byucksan Group, Seoul, Korea Vantage Point Ventures, San Bruno, CA, USA
Dong Jin Industry, Seoul, Korea Paik's Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
Miranda Hotel, Korea James Marzo Design, San Francisco, CA, USA
Greg Engel, San Rafael, CA, USA Ron Hanna Nunn, Mill Valley, CA, USA
Height, Gardner Havens, San Francisco, CA, USA Boarhis and Wolfson, San Francisco, CA, USA
Ko Am Construction, LA, CA, USA LG Electronics, Seoul, Korea
Hyundai Securities, Seoul, Korea TCM Korea, Seoul, Korea
IT & IT, Seoul, Korea Kim Jang Lee Law Firm, Seoul, Korea
Celtrion, Inchon, Korea Fursys Main Building, Korea
Yeido Tra Palace, Korea Prima Hotel, Seoul Korea
Jonbok Bank, Seoul Korea International Finance Center Seoul, Korea
Shinsegae,Seoul Korea Gansam Architect,Seoul Korea
Lotte Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar Marriott Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Conrad Hilton,seoul, Korea

Teaching Experience
2005~2013    Professor, Hongik Graduate School of the Fine Art
2003-04       Lecturer, Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Korea
1994~98       Ewha Women's University, Ducksung University, Seoul, Korea
1984~85       Ewha Women's University, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, Korea