Emissions in cohabitation of life and emotion: works by Jungran Noh
Yonder Segumjung in dale seen from Bukhan Mountains, seasons pass by, embraced in Mother Nature, methinks, which renders never-ending inspirations to this artist.
When Jungran Noh's works, painted in her studio in Los Angeles, was displayed at the US Cultural Center two years ago, everybody was engrossed in the bliss of abiding peace and plenty. There seems to be a change in her life in the recent years, which is seen in her hectic and slightly serious works that she painted in her studio in Segumjung in the vortex of vicissitudes. The paintings reflect her mind like a mirror and her works are awaken by her existential imagery. Her works are also paved by a glimpse of intuition and philosophy.
Nature in her paintings is camouflaged in a plea for her mental radiation, which functions as a transcendental haven rising above the world. Here lies a breathing tint in melancholy splendor, quill prints running on a path to aggressive vitality and a transparent contiguity with smearing contingencies. These are portrayed somewhere around in her, aggregated like a magnet on the canvas in the vague mysteries of space - beyond her description - every minute of her painting concocted in her intellect is just in her description like a breath of nature. My thinking is that she does not paint through its process but it oozes out by itself, as if she were born to be an artist. She works artlessly like a customed course of flowing water in the untrodden valley, and her works are born in a native way.
I am not sure whether she can be named an abstract landscape painter or mental one. Just leave her as an artist, as she is. A shape is here reminiscent of the heights and firmament, which do not necessarily epitomize a figurative painter. Because her utter freedom cannot be restricted, under any circumstances, she is geared to fly and run in her liberal brush tip at any moment. Open freedom - it is a freedom where space breathes and a painter's mentality breathes. This is a freedom where she flies aloft into a terrain of infinity
Byungkwan Chung / art critic, 1985