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Colors Play Sweeping
Deep in the winter, I sweep away the snow with a bamboo broom, The layers of soil and fallen leaves make an image of a painting. I see layers of colors playing together as they are swept. The texture of sweeping, the texture of time, and the texture of colors are my paintings.

I mix and blend colors until I get the right shade and then pour the blended hues on the canvas, sweeping the colors with a broom. I repeat the motion of pouring and sweeping over and over again.
After the base paint dry up, I pour different colors on the surface again and sweep it with a broom. Sometimes, when the base colors of the surface are half dried, I pour another color either on top or on the side of the base colors or pour two or three different colors at the same time. Then I sweep the surface.
Each color expresses its own existence and creates vibrating effects by harmonizing and overlapping with other colors of the surface.
I sweep from side to side. I consciously make only horizontal movements controlling and straightening up my rising passion and emotion. As it is the nature of water to run horizontally, I sweep and sweep over again sweeping time, sweeping the impurity, sweeping the mind, sweeping the bruises, sweeping the joy.
The vibration, the echo, and the symphony of colors fill the canvas and reverberate through the studio. The spirit of color is moving lively and purifying my soul as it sinks into the bottomless vacuum of the cosmos.
I will wipe the colors with a mop after I am through with the sweeping. "Sweeping and wiping --". It is a cleaning job. It does not matter what I clean. I will wipe every inch of the canvas with a color mop.
And then, in the distant future or maybe in the near future, I will cultivate the color farm. I will wait for my harvest crop that is cultivated from the color farm like farmers plowing the soil, thus creating beautiful layers of soil, planting seeds and harvesting the crops after summer in the fields.
If there exists absolute being and absolute cosmic order, I want to be humbly before that being's world of beauty through my painting. That is the fruits of my passionate cultivation of the color farm.
Jungran Noh 2009